Euphoria with CBD and THC 

Euphoria is a strain on the surface that seems like your normal type of hybrid, but it’s actually more fine-tuned than that. Euphoria is the perfect one for bliss, relaxation, and serenity too. 

The Genetic history 

This is a result of crossbreeding royal medic and shark shock, and it has a 20% Sativa and Indica genetics to this.But it also contains a pure 1:1 ratio of both CBD and THC, which makes it set apart from the other strains too. The crossing of this wasn’t a happy accident, since both were chosen for the genetics that are robust, along with the cannabinoid profiles that are there. 

It does contain a pretty moderate amount of both THC and CBD, but also with some yields which are impressive. Shark Shock is actually award-winning and has won a ton of differ awards since it was discovered in the 1990s. This is a combination that takes the best of both worlds, creating a great and euphoric kind of flower strain to this as well. 

Growing this 

Euphoria is not very fussy of a plant but instead is resilient and robust, along with being able to handle most climates and environments, simply because of the attributes that it got from these strains. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor growth, this is one that’s great for delivery. When grown inside, it can reach up to 100 centimeters, and it can actually grow up to 150 cm in some cases outside. 

While not huge, it’s definitely one that’s easy to maintain with the right lights as well. It’s pretty easy and it only requires some pruning along with upkeep during all of this. While it isn’t bushy, it’s very easy to work with, and there are even some great ways to get more yields out of this. When it flowers, it’s pretty stunning, with a gorgeous purple hue that actually makes the plant look appealing as it matures. Near the end of this, it offers buds which are dense and offers trichomes as well. The yields are pretty impressive too, and it can actually get a pretty sizable amount for each plant as well, and it’s great if you want a lot, and are willing to put in the effort for a lot of this plant. 

Euphoria Effects 

This one is definitely different from those which are pure THC and CBD strains. This is a pretty low THC content, but it still offers the psychotropic effects of this, and with the same amount of CBD, it balances all of this. The cool thing about Euphoria is it can be consumed at any point of the day. 

This one also helps with relaxing but can also offer a more energetic kind of boosts and offer more positivity too, and the combination is great for a relaxed and alert sort of feeling. This is one that may not last as long as the other kinds of strains are, but once the cerebral buzz leaves, users feel soothing, and relaxed as well. 

Aroma and Flavor 

This is one that has a really good aroma and flavor, and it definitely has a great scent to it. The berry notes of this will help to offer a great sense of smell to it, even after it’s been closed. Whether vaped or smoked, these bursts of sweet and sugary scents are great and will leave your mouth begging for more even after the first toke of this. It’s a unique sort of strain, and it definitely is good for manageable and dynamic relaxation that feels good too. 

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