Cannabis for Post-Surgery Pain 

A surgery is a big thing and for some people., they may want to possibly take something else other than opioids. Some have discovered that cannabis is a good alternative for surgery pain, and it’s something that can actually be really good. There are some positives and negatives for this, and here we’ll go over whether or not you should use cannabis for this as well. 

The Science 

There was a study that was done that actually found a connection between the pain control of the body and cannabis, and that’s the endocannabinoid system. These receptors offer anti-inflammatory results, in order to offer a pain reliving instance, and also helping with hyperalgesia, which is common after surgery. 

Those who have migraines and fibro have probably dealt with this pain. THC is also good for modulating the serotonin and dopamine levels, which also are a big part for pain reduction too. There are ongoing studies that actually also show that CBD is also good for inflammation, reducing this as well, but we’ll have to see what future studies bring to this. 

Does it lower the Use of Painkillers? 

Opioids and painkillers are typically abused by those who are suffering from pain. But recent studies found that medical cannabis is great for lowering the chances of opioid use. One study discovered that 82% of those that responded actually found that they didn’t need pain medication after all of this, and they stopped taking it period, using cannabis instead. In some cases though, people used medical cannabis to help with the side effects of some medications. 

Ultimately though, controlled marijuana use for therapeutic reasons offers patients a chance to have relief without the use of opioids, and it helps to reduce tolerance and the dependance is lessened a lot as well. 

Is Cannabis a Gateway to Opioid Use 

Some studies have found that cannabis usage may possibly lead to opioid use eventually. One study involving those in Texas and Colorado hospitals found that the cannabis use done chronically does possibly cause people to use opioids in order to help with the relief of pain. But this was found mostly in those users who were chronic, and those who were episodic actually saw nearly no difference in the need for using opioids as well. 

Opioids Vs Cannabis 

There is some studies that feel like opioids may be worsened with cannabis use. Some say cannabis prevents this. Opioids along with marijuana do have a chance to e used excessively, since they both do offer a euphoric feeling to those who have them, and it does make people susceptible to the consumption of this, but withdrawal for opioids is a lot worse. 

Cannabis is usually an alternative, and usually, it requires you to be using a lot for a long period of time before you’re going to get truly addictive. Another thing is that there isn’t any real disturbing effects of this, and right now, it doesn’t seem like it’ll cause lethal overdoses. 

Another thing to consider as well is the accessibility as well. You can get opioids with a doctor’s permission and prescription, but cannabis is still considered “dangerous” and in most cases, they want to fine people a lot just for using this, and the thing is, even when it’s being used for medical reasons, people do look at it with disgust.

But hopefully, we see more people down the line using cannabis as an alternative for pain management, and to just a good way for you to possibly relieve pain, but to reduce excessive and painful addiction in those who take it. 

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